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Moisturizing Shampoo
Mallory Fortier

Moisturizing Shampoo

I love the product, not a fan of not be able to use rewards on sale items!

I love the product! Loma recently had a 30% off sale. I have collected lots of rewards and wanted to use 50% off as well. In the past I was able to do it. I believe it’s a new policy and it’s too bad that I can only use my rewards on not sale items.

Glad you like the product and thank you for your continued support!
The restriction for rewards points is based on how we set up the sale, sometimes rewards can be used and sometimes they can't. I empathize with you, it is an inconvenience!

Moisturizing Treatment
Sophie Bailey
Best conditioner I have ever used as a professional

I’m a licensed cosmetologist and this is by far one of the best conditioners/hair treatments I have ever used. I recommend this to every client I have ever had in my chair because it is THAT GOOD. It is the only line I use on my hair besides the purple shampoo/conditioner(by loma) . I absolutely love everything about it from the feel to the smell!

Violet Conditioner
Works great!

This shampoo has brought back my silver hair!

Moisturizing shampoo

Love Loma moisturizing shampoo not too heavy, and gives great shine

Love this stuff. Made my hair super shiny

Nourishing Gift Box


I was having issues with my scalp and I purchased this fantastic product. It helped immensely.

Great shampoo

I love this shampoo. It is Moisturizing but not heavy, smells great!

Sadly can't recommend

Love Loma products and the idea behind this deodorant. Sadly I found it doesn't come out of the container well and doesn't keep me smelling nicely. Can't recommend.

AMAZING!!! I won’t use anything else now!!!

I originally bought this due to the lack of variety of bottle sizes at my hair salon. My stylist said this was the best for fine, oily, wavy hair.

Bought a couple extra for Christmas gifts. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!! It has completely transformed my hair! I can feel how much cleaner my hair and scalp both feel! Calms my scalp while nourishing both my scalp and hair!! Will forever use this now!

Loma moisturizing treatment bundle

I love the serum, the brush and the conditioner and shampoo. Leaves my hair soft and gets rid of frizz. Awesome ingredients and or smells really nice.

One of my all time favorite conditioners! Love the jelly/cream consistency of it and the smell!


Not only does this leave my hair feeling extremely smooth and healthy, but the smell of the nourishing oils are AMAZING. I also love that the calming cream doubles as a body lotion and that saves me time/hassle in my routine.

Simply Amazing!

I’m 65 years old and have been coloring and highlighting my hair for 40 years. After using Loma Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner and Smoothing Crème only 1 time my hair was so soft it
like my daughter’s hair that has never been treated with chemicals. The

the best product!

a must have for all my clients! by far my top sold product as my salon suite!


great stuff

Moisturizing Shampoo
Peter Stevens

Hair is not feeling good. I’m going for the nourishing.

Nourishing Shampoo
Kathy Smith
Finally! A product that helps your hair

For many years I have had extremely dry hair due to my thyroid condition. So dry in fact, I had to wash and condition every single day to get the moisture back in my hair from my products. I have tried every product on the market; shampoos, conditioners, oils, leave in conditioners, bond treatments and more, with no results. I started using Loma on my stylists recommendation after a very damaging salon procedure. Best thing I ever did! My hair is soft and no longer dry. I use the nourishing as it seems to do the best for me. I no longer wash and condition everyday and my hair is growing! I have waist length permed and color treated hair.

A Holy Grail Product!

I bought this for the treatment oil. I've repurchased this product and continue to see results! I use it on my ends and lengths to seal in moisture and smoothness on wash day. Then, I'll apply it again to day 2-3 hair on my ends to keep them from drying out. LOVE it and highly recommend it!!

Nourishing Oil Treatment

Very firm but not adjustable

This hair spray is definitely firm however I was hoping to be able to spray and lift or move the hair to put it in place. If you touch the spray while it’s wet it will turn whitish and pack together .
But if you are looking for extra firm, you will love it!

Love my Loma

I have used Loma hair products for years and love them. Good for my hair and they smell great too!

Love it!!


This is supposed to be better for the scalp but it’s super greasy which can’t be good. Am only going to use it on a wig or topper. Also not impressed with the way my hair looks.