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Maximum Volumizing Solution
Manon Nieuwenhuis

Really gives volume

Firm Hold Hair Spray
Manon Nieuwenhuis
Hold hairspray

A nice and strong spray

Lots of Suds

It takes very little product to make a lot of suds using mesh pouf. The scent was less citrus than I expected. This body wash is creamy enough to use while shaving in the shower; but doesn’t leave heavy residue or strip your skin of its natural oils.

Best Hair Products Around

I have used many name brand expensive products on my hair and hands down Loma product are the best of the best. I had very long, long hair for many years and Loma conditioners and treatments were the only products that kept my hair silky, shiny, and worry free. Now that I have short, straight, and greying hair, Loma shampoo, conditioner, and volume gel are keeping my hair just as soft, silky and shiny as when it was long, but not flat to my head where it would be if I used any other product (I tried). Definitely recommend Loma hair products. There is something for all types of hair

Roll-on Deodorant
Caroline Pereira
Almost perfect

This product works well most days but could improve on the over exertion days where it hasn't held up and I have had to reapply, but for office, daily shopping etc., it was great. Major gardening especially on hot days by the end of the day I wasn't the most pleasant smell in the room.

Mango Hand & Body Lotion
Caroline Pereira
Goodbye rough hands and feet

My hands are constantly in and out of water all day long and they dry out very quickly, but this hand and body lotion keeps them soft and prevents cracking. It also works on my rough heels.

Love it

I absolutely love this product. It also works really well as a shower gel and face cleanser. It makes even more affordable as you get 3 products in one🥰

Best shampoo and conditioner ever! Saved my hair from living in dry Colorado and have used ever since!

Best shampoo and conditioner ever! Saved my hair from living in dry Colorado and have used ever since!

Shampoo & Conditioner Samples

Nourishing Shampoo
Mary Erickson

Nourishing Shampoo

I have been so happily surprised at how effective this is at neutralizing odor. I'm approaching the end of my first bottle and am about to reorder. I use it every day, and it hasn't let me down. My work doesn't involve super ,heavy labor most of the time, but I am on the move a lot and do sweat--and this handles it! It goes on easily, dries quickly, smells lovely, and somehow or other, completely eliminates the stink-component of sweat. Loving it!

Curvy Crème
Jennifer Wenger

Curvy Crème

My hair is very coarse and difficult to brush, this helps detangle my long locks with damaging my hair.

I like straightening my hair and this helps protect it!

I love the smell of this shampoo and how well it cleans my hair without drying it out.

This has become my favorite moisturizer!

This creme is amazing!

I am obsessed with Loma products! My hair smells, looks, and feels amazing! The shampoo/ conditioner duo lasts forever, making it a great purchase for those who want quality and have it make budget sense. Super luxurious in every way possible.

Best product ever!!!!!!!!!

I love everything in LOMA!!!!

Leave-In Conditioner

Nothing compares

I’ve tried everything on my low porosity thick wavy hair. The nourishing oil tames flyaways without weighing it down. Adds softness, shine, and heat protection. Literally the best thing I’ve ever put on my hair.

Calming Crème
Lilly Gatcomb

Calming Crème


Everything is always packaged well.

Love these so much !