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Brought to you by David Hanen; President, Founder, and Cosmetic Chemist for Loma.


Creatine is a synthetic, and very effective, ingredient that LOMA uses in multiple products. LOMA uses creatine as the select ingredient for rebuilding the hair's internal tensile strength because it is 35% more effective at rebuilding tensile strength than any protein on the market. LOMA products with creatine can be used to revitalize very damaged hair, such as bleached or foiled hair. Our products that contain creatine are amazing examples of nature and science coming together to form perfect hair-rebuilding products.

Deep Conditioner

Deep Conditioner is one of LOMA's first silicone-free products. Deep Conditioner does three different things.

Number one, Deep Conditioner can be used as a salon or at-home treatment to deeply penetrate, moisturize, hydrate, rebuild and deep condition the hair.

Number two, Deep Conditioner is a fabulous cleansing conditioner. With curly hair, you'll want to get the hair wet then apply a large amount of product. Then, massage onto your scalp as if it is a shampoo treatment to pull dirt from the scalp and rinse. After rinsing, apply Deep Conditioner from length to end as a normal conditioning treatment. This will allow you to get the best possible benefits from the treatment.

Number three, apply to the hair after cleansing to use it as a styling cream. Styling with Deep Conditioner adds texture, volume and lustrous shine to the hair. This Deep Conditioner has the texture, application ease, and benefits of a silicone-infused deep conditioner, but it doesn't have the disadvantages of a silicone-based deep conditioner. The Deep Conditioner's relaxing, natural citrus aroma comes from pure orange, tangerine and grapefruit essential oils.

Maximum Volumizing Solution

Maximum Volumizing Solution was one of the first styling products ever developed by Loma. Maximum Volumizing Solution is not only for fine hair types but can be used for all hair types, providing maximum volume to hair. In your hand, you will notice the solution goes from slippery to sticky, leaving no residue in your hands. Use about the size of a quarter and apply from roots to ends. and. You will get hair that has volume, and shine, and will not dry out. If you have naturally curly hair, you will love this product. Blend a bit of our Nourishing Oil Treatment with this product to add even more shine.

Curvy Crème

Curvy Crème enhances and defines your natural curls. This silicone-free styler provides a firm hold while leaving the hair soft and shiny. Curvy Crème works on all different types of curls, providing volume, texture and definition. Apply a quarter-size amount from roots to ends. Let your hair dry naturally or use a diffuser. You can also use Curvy Crème on dry hair to define individual pieces.

Firm Hold Gel

Firm Hold Gel does exactly what it says. It’s got a lot of hold and shine to it. A little bit of product goes a long way. For a wet, slick look use quite a bit of product, comb through the hair, and it will dry naturally with the wet, slick look. If you want volume and lift from the roots or definition in the hair, apply a medium amount of, about the size of a quarter, apply from roots to end then blow dry. For a really defined, fun, funky look for going out in the evening, apply Firm Hold Gel to damp hair, diffuse the hair, and that will create much more defined curls. Toward the end of the night, when cutting loose, run the fingers through the hair; this will leave a soft, natural curl.

Molding Crème

Loma's Molding Crème is often misunderstood, it's a conditioning base with red french clay that adds texture and body to hair. The clay acts as a root-lifting sort of product. To avoid friction apply Molding Crème toward the root of the hair, otherwise, you will feel friction in your brush when you're blow-drying your hair. Molding Crème has a matte finish with medium hold. Great for curly hair.

Smoothing Crème

Loma's Smoothing Crème has an aromatherapy of pure pear oil and is great for adding smoothness, shine, and luster to all hair types. For normal to fine hair, apply Smoothing Crème from root to ends. For coarse, dry, or thirsty hair, blend our Nourishing Oil Treatment with Smoothing Crème for extra protection from heat up to 450 degrees.

Why Loma

Why Loma? To start, we are a healing and soothing brand that is naturally inspired and organically infused. 30 years ago we innovated the use of Aloe Vera Gel as the basis for our products and set the standard for beauty today. We are as clean as we can be in order to protect you and the environment. If you look at the back of our bottles you will see every single ingredient and that’s because we are proud of what we use.

Clean Beauty is about quality. We are able to ensure the highest quality in our products because we manufacture them ourselves in our own facilities unlike 90% of other brands. We also make all our products in small batches to ensure freshness. We’re passionate about our ingredients and our process because we know you’ll love our products.

Naturally Inspired Organically Infused

Naturally Inspired, Organically Infused- this isn't just our tagline, it is the core belief of our company and what we strive for everyday. Every raw material we use comes from nature and we’re on top of the technology so that we always have opportunities to improve. You will always know our ingredients are fresh, natural, and the best according to the latest research and tech.

We say organically infused rather than organic because we are not 100% organic and we always want to be honest with our customers. What we can say is that every ingredient that can possibly be organic- we use. ALL of our ingredients are safe and secure so that you can feel good about the products that you use.


Naturally Inspired and Organically Infused is our basic core belief and we strive to produce products that live up to that everyday. Every raw material we use comes from nature and we’re on the cutting edge for technology as it advances. You will always know our ingredients are fresh, natural, and the best out there based on technology and research.

Our main ingredient is Aloe. We were the first professional haircare line to use aloe as our base nearly 30 years ago. We have been sulfate free for 30 years and Paraben free for over 15 years. We are also vegan friendly, cruelty free, soy free, gluten free, and sodium chloride free for over 15 years. We are also European Compliant meaning all our ingredients are listed on our products. What you see is what you get!

Also, no need to freak out over fragrance. Our fragrances are predominantly derived from natural sources. We use pure essential oils and aromatic botanical extracts. If you ever have any questions our facilities are ready and waiting to hear from you at 1-866-306-7346.

Creatine & Color Care

Unlike other brands, Loma products protect all color treatments, not just color that covers, but also color that lifts, highlights and bleaches.

Lightened hair loses elasticity—its internal strength—creatine rebuilds that strength and restores shine. We use an organic blend of fennel seed and sunflower seed extract to protect your color and help it last longer. We also use creatine to rebuild the muscle of your hair, which is damaged during the lightening process.

Use Loma regularly to rebuild the tensile strength of hair, especially lightened hair which experiences the most damage. Washing your hair with creatine-based formulas will keep your color brighter, longer.


Here at Loma Sulfates are not a part of the equation. We have been Sulfate free for 30 years, helping to lead the Clean Beauty initiative. Many other companies have come around in the last 5-10 years claiming to be Sulfate free, but that comes with a catch. Many of the replacements they’re using are closely related to sulfates and even used in janitorial grade cleansers. Many also use Lauryl sodium and Laureth Sulfate which creates a byproduct called. “1,4 dioxane,” thus us a major carcinogen and in no way Clean Beauty. We use surfactants which are as far away from a Sulfate you can get.

Silicones & Cyclics

There are many questions surrounding Silicones in hair and body care. Are they safe for your hair and skin? Do they cause build up over time? Are they hurting the environment? The answers to these questions may surprise you!Unlike other brands, Loma products protect all color treatments, not just color that covers, but also color that lifts, highlights and bleaches.

To start, there are two different categories of silicones, Cyclics and Dimethicones. Cyclics DO build up in your hair and they are not water soluble meaning they also build up in our water sources. Loma products do not use ANY Cyclics. Loma products DO use Dimethicones. Dimethicones are shampoo soluble meaning there is no build up in your hair OR the environment, yes curly hair ladies, this is safe for you too! If you’re still hesitant to use any sort of Silicones that’s okay! Loma has an array of products that are completely silicone free.

Overall, Dimethicone Silicones can do great things for your hair. These Safe Silicones fill in holes in damaged areas and provide shine and manageability while also not creating build up. Loma values the ever changing technology and will continue to evolve to use natural, sustainable, renewable, and safe ingredients for you!

Key Ingredients

One of our main ingredients is something called Kale protein. This protein is a blend of three natural ingredients: Kale, Lemon, and Carrot. Kale and Carrot contain high levels of Vitamin A. This aids in moisturizing the skin and hair and strengthening elasticity. Lemon is naturally acidic which aids in sealing the skin to protect against environmental damage while simultaneously adding shine and elasticity.

Our products are also jam packed with an array of naturally derived vitamins. Vitamin B5 is one of the best natural moisturizers and targets each individual hair strand. Caloundra is soothing and restorative while also providing some UV protection. Acacia is very high in antioxidants and vitamin B, C, and E. These are very nourishing for the scalp. Finally we have vitamin C taken from pure sunflower seed oil. This is soy free and SUPER hydrating for the skin and scalp.

Overall, our Kale blend is innovative and landmark in the performance of naturally based proteins for hair and skincare.

Curly Hair

Stop listening to Silicone myths; here are the facts! Silicone isn’t the villain it’s made out to be. In 30 years our scientist has only seen silicone build up on ONE type of hair- INCREDIBLY damaged Lye straightened hair. “Silicones are bad for curly hair,” is a generalized statement that is so far from the truth. How could one ingredient be bad for the variety of hair types and patterns?

There are 3 replacements hair care companies use for silicones: Xantham Gum, Guars, and Quats. These three replacements build up in hair more than safe silicones. Loma removed all Cyclic silicones from our products. These are not water soluble so they build up in hair and in the environment. Instead we use Dimethicone Silicones. These silicones are shampoo soluble so they save your hair and the environment from build up.

Loma has an array of high quality products for you to try. Whether you want silicones or prefer to go silicone free but, we want to invite you to be more open minded about silicones and the science behind them.


Here at Loma one of our main ingredients is Aloe Vera gel. We were the very first professional hair care brand to use Aloe as our base nearly 30 years ago. We’re honored to know that many companies are now following our lead and trying to do the same. We’ve helped set the standard rather than just follow the trends.

Healing, soothing, moisturizing, and nourishing. These are all properties you should be looking for in hair care products. These are also all properties that Aloe Vera Gel provides!

We mix our aloe vera gel with our pure mountain water to create the perfect base for our products. We want both the consumer and hairdresser to reap the benefits of aloe for their hands, hair, and scalp health. Our products allow them to do that!


The word "fragrance" on any hair care product can be scary. With Loma, there's no need to fear our fragrances!

Our fragrances are predominantly derived from natural sources. We use pure essential oils and aromatic botanical extracts.

You can see all of these ingredients right on any Loma bottle because we are also European compliant. What you see is what you get with us!


90% of personal care products are based in water. But not all waters are created equal. Here at Loma we self manufacture, meaning we control all of our ingredients and where they come from.

Our main ingredient is water combined with aloe, which creates a very nourishing mixture. This has been the base of our products for nearly 30 years. We manufacture in Seattle and source out water about 9 miles away from our facility. This sets us apart from competitors who manufacture in California.

The main reason our water is better than the rest is because of its lack of additives or parts per million. Our starting PPM is 22 and after it is deionized our PPM is only 1! California waters start anywhere from 500-700 PPM and the lowest they can get after deionizing is 50PPM. That's 50 times more additives in their water than in ours. The science is simple, our main ingredient is just simply better.

Nourishing Oil Treatment

Nourishing Oil Treatment is for normal to slightly damaged hair types that need nourishment, thermal protection, and shine. Nourishing Oil Treatment is LOMA’s number one best heat protectant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Nourishing Oil Treatment can be applied to dry hair, but David’s favorite application technique is to apply to the ends of wet or damp hair. Applying Nourishing Oil Treatment to wet hair allows the product to move through the cuticle of the hair and moisturize the hair’s cortex. Nourishing Oil Treatment has a lovely natural vanilla and blood orange aromatherapy that will bring relaxation to the mind and body. As a bonus, Nourishing Oil Treatment can be added to any conditioner to boost hydration and shine to the hair. It can also be added to any hand and body lotion to add extra moisture to the skin.

Fortifying Reparative Tonic

Fortifying Reparative Tonic fortifies and repairs hair from the inside out. This is a must-have product for normal to very damaged hair types. Fortifying Reparative Tonic works best when applied to damp hair and distributed from root to ends. This wearable reconstructor works all day long! The cranberry and pear aromatherapy is light and crisp. Try using a small amount of Fortifying Reparative Tonic on dry hair to tame flyaways while adding luster and shine!

Creatine & Color Care

Silicones & Cyclics

Key Ingredients


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Naturally Inspired, Organically Infused