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Loma products

Hi received the shampoos but did not receive the free gift. I emailed twice showing proof and have had no response.


This is the only shampoo and conditioner my daughter and I will use. It makes our hair feel so soft and looks so much healthier!


My hair is amazing after using LOMA products

Moisturizing Shampoo
Mindy Willson
Smells great!

Love the product. Smells great! One of my pumps however does not fit in the shampoo bottle and can’t be used😢

Curvy Crème
Sharon Smith
Awesome Product

Best product for curly hair. Defines the curls for days!

Nourishing shampoo

This shampoo has been my go-to for about 8 years. My hair feels clean, light and full of bounce. My scalp also feels great, with no dry patches or flaking like in the past. I would highly recommend Lona products.


works well

Disappointing customer service

I have been using Texture and finishing spray for a number of years and I absolutely love it. The last can that I ordered was different, more like hairspray and sticky on my hair. I reached out to customer service and was told that they would send a replacement can. Over two weeks has passed and I have even emailed again, but no reply and no replacement can.. I love the product but am very disappointed with the customer service and the Texture and Finishing spray that was originally sent to me is not usable as far as I am concerned.

My first time trying Loma

My hairdresser used Loma Creme Pomade, and I loved the scent. I’m now using the Moisturizing shampoo and wish it smelled the same. The shampoo is very nice. The conditioner is excellent at moisturizing; however it’s so thick it’s next to impossible to get it out of the bottle. I will probably try different shampoos and conditioners to see which one works the best.

Beautifully seals the cuticles after it takes out the brassiness - great product!

Love how it neutralizes the brassiness and at the same time nourishes my long blonde hair!

Love this stuff

Daily Shampoo
Denise Caiazzo

Love Loma products!

Love this!

Washing and conditioning my hair leaves it soft and shiny. It also doesn’t weight my hair down. Great product!

Great product and great quality

First time ordering and like it, especially the shower gel, a little goes a long way. Planning to buy the no sweat version next.

Liter Pump
Great Shampoo

My hair is way more shiny and soft since I’ve started using Loma. And it smells great! My only complaint is that it doesn’t lather very well and I feel like I have to use more per use than other brands


Excellent product. During winter I rotate between blue and green bottles. Blue moisturizing helps with hydration.

Fantastic Products

I have very dry, sensitive, hair. I call it sensitive because the slightest bit of certain chemicals or ingredients damage my hair very quickly. I have used several Loma products now with absolutely great success. The Moisturizing Treatment is just perfect for my thick, curly, dry hair.

Fortifying Repairative Tonic
Aromatherapy meets quality hair care

Great quality, so far every Loma product I try, I love.

Great conditioner, but I like their regular conditioner better. This one has kind of an “off” smell to it.

Fantastic Shine

The shampoo has an underlying smell that surprised me. Not in a good way (patchouli-ish). Other than that the end result was shiny silver hair.

Loma Essentials Healthy Scalp Gift Box

I thought it was to heavy for my hair. After a couple months of use I broke out from it.

Moisturizing Treatment
Patricia Schafer
Doesn't smell great

I was excited for this because I love the smell of the Nourishing oil treatment and I looked for a shampoo from Loma that also had vanilla and orange as the scent (what the oil treatment claims). This one however, despite having the same claim, smells like artificial candy. Super weird and super bummed.

Violet Conditioner
lillian balas
great company

product came in a timely manner.I also like the purple shampoo and conditioner very much!

OMG! My hair is the most difficult to manage; it’s insanely thick and dries out easy from being dyed every month. I was skeptical trying Loma but to my amazement these products are *exactly* what my hair needed. Soft, manageable and looks and feels amazing! Loma’s scent is perfect as it’s flowery but not overpowering! I’m so happy to have finally found the right products! 🤩